Pastor Chris Cullen is available to provide pastoral support for those who need spiritual guidance, or who are sick or suffering.  Please phone 1800 722 684.

Pastoral Support

Providing friendship and support for adults, coffee and chat occurs on a Tuesday morning every second month.  Group activities and board games, morning tea and a generous serving of friendship!

Contact Lyndal 0407 304 949

Coffee & Chat

We practise "Believers Baptism".  Baptism is an act of faith by a person who chooses to follow Jesus.  In baptism we are united with Christ in his death and resurrection.  Through faith in Jesus we have forgiveness of sin and the promise of eternal life.  We baptise anyone who is old enough to understand the significance of baptism and who has placed their trust in Jesus for their own salvation. 

Christian marriage is performed according to the rites of the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT. 

Contact Pastor Chris Cullen for more details.


For persons of Christian faith we consider it an honour to conduct their funeral service according to Baptist traditions.

In addition Pastor Chris Cullen also works as a Funeral Director with Ian J. Arthur & Sons


Meets Saturday mornings for practices and performs 2-3 concerts per year as well as occasional items in our church services.

Contact Lyndal 0407304949

Voices in Harmony Choir

Local Church Ministries

Yagoona Baptist Church is a member church of the the Baptist Association of NSW & ACT.  The Association is a voluntary group of Baptist churches that hold to a common purpose, beliefs and values and are working towards a common set of vision pictures.

We offer services to our community both at a local church level and also at a statewide level as an association.


Our belief is that we can have a greater positive impact on the world around us if we work together.

Services We Provide